Letter Of Recomendation from Repre AMSA UnHas

Letter of Recommendation

From           : Representative ( Hasanuddin University)

Subject       : Recommendation for Andi Mahathir Anas

RC/Representative  please explain:

  • Applicant’s name
  • Applicant’s position
  • Reason why you write
  • How well you know the applicant
  • How you think applicant’s capability to handle the position

Applicant’s name            : Andi Mahathir Anas

Applicant’s position       : chief of internal division of AMSA UNHAS

Reason of giving the recommendation  :

Andi Mahathir Anas has the competency of being the RC of AMSA Indonesia

How well you know Andi Mahathir Anas    :

Andi Mahathir Anas is a very responsible person with a  good leadership skill. His organization careers, as the elected 17 Senior High School Student Body President 2005/2006, Anas  succeeded to finish all of his  programs .. Besides that, he was the former class of 2006 president of Economic Faculty of Airlangga University, Surabaya.

Experienced as a member of the 2nd Division of the Senate of Medical Faculty of Hasanuddin University 2008/2009, Andi Mahathir was proved to have a good communication skill by showing his ability to share ideas and analize problems in order to solve them.

As a leader, Andi Mahathir Anas has the ability to manage all of his staffs very well and very welcoming of criticisms and suggestions for his work.

Despite all of his amazing organization careers, Andi Mahatir Anas is a very friendly and easygoing person.

How you think about Andi Mahathir Anas’s capability to handle the position :

Andi Mahatir Anas has the capabilty to be the RC of AMSA Indonesia 2009/2010. Not just because of his organization backgrounds, but also because of his love for AMSA that has been shown since the first day he applied to be an AMSA Unhas member. Being a leader is not a new thing for him, he was able to manage all of his former staffs from many different backgrounds with his good communication skill, critical thinking, and open-minded character. AMSA Indonesia is a well-known organization that needs someone who can carry all of its responsibilities in a teamwork base, someone like Andi Mahatir Anas.


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